About Advisors and how to become one

What is an advisor?
An advisor is a volunteer with the BCPF Board that helps us with our work getting the self-advocate voice heard. You help us do our work, not do the work for us.

People First has had many advisors over the 40+ years of it’s lifetime, and they’ve had a significant role in developing both regional groups, the provincial group and in supporting members to represent the province with the National Caucus and internationally.   Advisors have given many hours of their time. Ask any one of them and they will say that their perceptions, hearts, minds and entire life have been broadened and enriched through their experience working at BC People First.  Many Advisors have taken the skills they learned by working with BC People First into jobs at other agencies throughout the province.

As a small non profit organization that operates on a minimal budget, volunteers have been instrumental in the sustainability of our organization. BCPF has only one paid staff member, the Provincial Coordinator, and it is impossible for the person in this role to give all the support and assistance across the province that is necessary for the Society’s important message of Inclusion. Our Board members are all self advocates who may have varying needs for support in order for them to fully participate. BCPF has no budget to provide this support, and that is where the importance of our volunteer advisors come in!

BC People First has many training materials available to volunteer advisors, to help them in the supporting role.

What kinds of things does an advisor do?

  • an advisor gives their gifts: what are you good at Numbers? Great, help our treasurer. Good at writing? help us write amazing articles about what BCPF has been up to. You can assist board members with learning new technology, reading emails, attending events etc.
  • assist board members giving presentations, or in the creation of workshop/presentation materials.
  • share any special skills they may have: for example legal, financial, artistic, computer knowledge etc.
  • assist with event facilitation and coordination, meeting facilitation, and other administrative support for local chapters. This is particularly needed in our communities outside of the lower mainland.
  • assist self advocates with intrapersonal, leadership and problem solving skills.
  • assist with reading, writing, talking, communicating (ASL interpreters needed) as someone might require.


    BCPF Board Members with their amazing advisors! left to right: Mike Gauthier, Tina Dam, Jerry Laidlaw, Shauna Carson, JoAnne Gauthier, David Johnson, Michelle Goos


    The Board of B.C. People First is currently looking for a number of volunteer advisors in communities across the province! Coquitlam, Port Coquitlam, Burnaby, Langley, Cranbrook, Dawson Creek, Victoria, Courtenay, and the Interior. 

Skills needed:

  • Your gifts-whatever you are good at and have to offer and share.
  • Patience
  • Organization
  • Your ear, we need people to listen….really listen
  • Your knowledge on how things work
  • Your enthusiasm for having the world hear the self-advocates voice!
  • Your time 4 to 8 hours per month
  • Make a one year commitment

What you will get:

  • An opportunity to show your gifts
  • Build skills
  • An opportunity to be part of a Provincial , National and International organization
  • An experience to remember
  • Experience to add to your resume
  • Work with an amazing Board of Self Advocates

Please email bcpfcoordinator@gmail.com for information on becoming an advisor.