Self Advocates

Do you want to be part of a self advocate movement that is all over the world?

We are a non profit provincial organization  that is part of a larger national movement….People First is now all over the world.





  • We have local, regional and National meetings.
  • You can come to our yearly All General Meeting to discuss issues that are important to you and have your voice heard.
  • You can connect with us on Facebook CLICK HERE FOR FACEBOOK PAGE! and other national chapters to meet people who are just like you and who “get it”.
  • You can attend meetings at a local chapter of People First, or start a chapter.
  • As a member, you will get 2-3 newsletters per year emailed to you. You can write stories for the newsletter or our blog too!
  • You can give presentations and workshops on behalf of BC People First in your community, or host an event (presentation/coffee night etc). BCPF can support you and give you ideas on how to get started.
  • You can volunteer to be a Director on the board when positions become vacant. The Directors meet once per month via conference call except in December and August, and attend the May AGM in person, as well as attend the BCPF Conference which is held every second year. (BC People First will cover travel expenses and meals during the AGM and Conference). Please visit our BOARD OF DIRECTORS page for more information about upcoming positions available for nomination.


Do you want to make sure people labelled with a developmental disability are included in community?

We work to make sure that people labelled with a developmental disability are respected and included in community as full citizens.



  • We are looking for amazing Self Advocates JUST LIKE YOU to give presentations in their communities! Our Language project presentations are for grades 5 and up, for support worker programs, groups like girls guides and scouts etc. These presentations SPREAD THE WORD TO END THE WORD (the R Word)
  • Share your story with us for our newsletter. Do you have a story to share about inclusion, human rights, self advocacy, accessible transportation, hearing the R word? Or anything else you want to share? We want to talk to you! All our board members are available to hear your stories and our provincial coordinator can help you share them.
  • Tell us your ideas
  • JOIN US!


We are an organization run by people labelled, for people who are labelled with a disability.

Membership in BC People First is FREE and is only open to all people who have been labelled with a developmental disability. All members have voting rights. PLEASE CONTACT US TO BECOME A MEMBER!