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My Employment Story

Updated: 7 days ago

My name is Ryan Grange and I want to share with you my story about my employment in Saskatchewan. I worked at this company for a total of 13 years and I left in 2018, it was a great place to work and I got along with most of the people. Unfortunately the last 5 years were not so good. A lady was abusive towards me. I had overheard the management talk to her, to go and be abusive to Ryan and she did. She verbally abused me, she screamed in my face she called my an idiot, moron, jackass and she swore at me.

When I filed my harassment complaint with the company, I was not taken seriously. The management, the human resources and the union steward laughed at me. They told me “Ryan you and your complaint are full of yourself”. They yelled at me and I yelled right back at them and slammed the door ending the meeting.

I continued to work for them for another 5 years and I learned to put up with the abuse and just get on with my work. I did have a witness but he could not come forward without the fear of losing his job. He has a diversability and was also abused sexually at work.

My biggest regret was that I did not go to the Labour Board in Saskatchewan. If this ever happens to me I will go further. It was a very hard lesson to learn.

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Unknown member
Dec 03, 2022

I am familiar with this story and much was left out like how they failed to close a door when listening to Ryan's complaint. As a result many staff members heard what went on and this was detrimental to Ryan's right to privacy. Any supervisor who yells at an employee likely shouldn't be a supervisor, let alone one supervising someone who is challenged mentally. The Saskatchewan Transportation company with bus services should be disgraced at how they handled this situation. Even if we were not dealing with handicapped persons their handling of this case was a disgrace. I hope Ryan and others like him never have to go through something like this again.


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